GREENPYME Energy Efficiency Programme

Funding/Assistance For Target Group / Eligibility Programme Dates
  • Guidance in the area of energy efficiency
  • training for your organization to enhance its awareness of energy efficiency
  • tools that help you decide about investing in energy efficiency
  • financial support to implement energy efficiency projects as well as incentives to invest in clean and more efficient technology
  • simple and more detailed energy audits
  • ways to design and implement energy management plans
  • neutralization of your company’s carbon footprint.

Large companies, large banks public and mixed-capital entities.


Funded/Executed by:
Funded by: Inter-American Investment Corporation
Executed by: Inter-American Investment Corporation
Examples of Funded Projects:

Sponsored an initiative to turn Half Moon, a resort located in Rose Hall, Jamaica, into one of the first climate neutral-carbon neutral hotels in the Caribbean. Also, working with its strategic partners—Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (Beltraide), Scotiabank, The Bahamas Hotel Association, and Jamaica Hotel and Tourism Association—and with funding from the Republic of Austria and the Republic of Korea, the IIC has performed thirty-six energy audits for SMEs seeking to become more competitive by saving energy, implementing good energy-use practices identified in the audits and adopting more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies.

Implementing Agency Contact:

Ms. Susana Ortiz
Program Assistant
Technical Assistance and Strategic Partnerships Unit Inter-American Investment Corporation
1350 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20577
United States of America