The European Union Caribbean Investment Facility (Caribbean Development Bank)

Funding/Assistance For Target Group / Eligibility Programme Dates

Transport and energy infrastructures which promote interconnectivity, safety, security and efficiency;


Improving access to Information Technology (ICT) infrastructures and improve coverage at lower cost;


Establishing better water and sanitation infrastructure;


Promoting infrastructure linked to disaster prevention or mitigation;


Addressing social services infrastructure needs; and


Private sector development, in particular to increase access to finance for micro, Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (SMEs) and households, for "green" investments as well as to enhance access to basic social services.


The private sector;


Business Support Organisations (BSOs); and




Funded/Executed by:

The European Development Fund

Examples of Funded Projects:
Implementing Agency Contact:

Caribbean Development Bank


St. Michael


Tel: (1-246) 431-1600

Fax: (1-246) 426-7269