Are Advertising firms from the EC allowed to operate in Barbados under the terms of the Economic Partnership Agreement between CARIFORUM and the EC?

February 09 2012 |


There are no restrictions on EC service providers (i) supplying services to Barbadians in Barbados from an EC state; or (ii) supplying services to Barbadians located in the EC and there are no market access restrictions on EC service providers investing in/ establishing a business in Barbados.  However, Barbados has maintained the right not to accord similar treatment to EC companies/investors as that granted to domestic suppliers. 

While Barbados has not committed to allowing nationals of the EC to enter Barbados to provide advertising services, given the commitment by Barbados to allow investment or business operations by  persons from the EC, key personnel and graduate trainees in the field of advertising are permitted to enter the island, but only when those skills aren’t available locally.