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I am the owner of my publishing company. Can I head up my European operation and live there?

The laws on the residency requirements for owners and publishers vary from country to country.  For example, in Sweden the owner and publisher of a publishing or printing company must meet Swedish residency requirements. 

For a duplication service in Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Spain and some other countries, specialists will need to meet an economic needs test, and in some jurisdictions there are conditions placed on specialists and graduate trainees.

Printing Services

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As a company offering printing, publishing and duplicating services, where in the European Community am I allowed to set up a business?


In the printing, publishing and duplication services businesses you are free to establish or invest in any European Community country with a few exceptions below:

In Latvia and Lithuania, only companies that are nationally incorporated have the right to establish companies in the publishing fields.

In Poland, the Editor-in Chief of newspapers and journals must be a national of the country.

In Sweden, the owner and the publisher of a publishing and printing company must meet a residency requirement.

There are other restrictions on Barbadian firms establishing printing or publishing businesses in other EC countries that apply to areas like real estate ownership, maximum dollar amount of investment and the scope of operation of the businesses. 

Printing Services

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