What about Market Researchers or Pollsters who are not investing in Europe or opening a business, but want to service a contract there? Are those professionals allowed to travel to Europe on contract?

February 09 2012 | Market Research And Opinion Polling Services


The simple answer is YES.  However, there are some conditions placed on these Professionals who have a contract in Europe and want to travel there.  Those conditions are:

In addition to those general conditions that apply throughout the EC, there are certain conditions imposed in specific countries:

In Cyprus, Germany, Estonia, France, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Sweden, & the United Kingdom, there is no market access or national treatment restrictions on the provision of these services.

Belgium imposes an economic needs test except for cases when the annual wage for the Professional is above the amount defined by the relevant laws and regulations.

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, & Slovakia all impose economic needs tests.

Latvia & Portugal have no commitment to permit the supply of Market Research or Public Opinion Polling services.

Hungary applies an economic needs test except for public opinion polling services, where there is no commitment to permit the supply of these services.