Provided that our Engineering Service company here in Barbados has been given permission to invest in or establish a business in one of the countries of the EU, what are the rules under the EPA for personnel wishing to work overseas?

February 09 2012 | Engineering Services


Generally, key personnel (those persons described under the EPA as managers and specialists) are allowed to remain in EU countries for up to three years.  Those senior staff members that the Barbadian firm will need to establish its commercial presence in the EU will be allowed to work for 90 days during any 12-month period.  And if you are planning on sending graduate trainees to the EU, they may remain for one year.  Remember that these persons are subject to the normal visa and immigration requirements of the host country.

There are a few countries that place specific conditions on Barbadian Engineering Services staff.  These are:

Estonia - At least one responsible person (project manager or consultant) must be an Estonian resident.

Bulgaria – All Barbadian Engineering Services Specialists wishing to work in Bulgaria must have at least two years experience in the construction field.

Greece, Hungary and Slovakia – all require that Engineering Service suppliers must have residency.