I operate a business in the EU under the terms of the EPA, what types of personnel would be allowed to work at the Barbadian-owned or operated EU-located hotel or restaurant? And how long would they be permitted to live and work in Europe?

February 09 2012 | Hotels, Restaurants and Catering


Subject, of course, to the normal visa and immigration requirements, the following categories of personnel are allowed for the designated lengths of time:

Generally, the senior Barbadian staff responsible for establishing your commercial presence in Europe may stay for 90 days in any 12-month period. Key personnel will be allowed to work in Europe for a period of up to 3 years, and graduate trainees may stay for one year.

There are, though, some conditions imposed on these general entry terms based on  the country.

In Bulgaria, the number of foreign managers is not to exceed the number of managers who are Bulgarian citizens, in cases where the public (state and/or municipal) share in the equity capital of a Bulgarian company exceeds 50 per cent.