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The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), has revealed that the Caribbean region continues to battle with persistent gender inequalities. The report, which is a compilation of data from 10 Caribbean countries, aims to provide a situational analysis of gender equality in the Borrowing Member Countries (BMCs), to inform national budgeting, planning and programming. Some of the inequalities highlighted in the report are:

1. Occupational Segregation;

2. High portions of female-headed households in poverty with high dependency;

3. Social isolation for elderly men etc.

April 02 2016 | Articles

The Green Climate Fund

Powerpoint presentation by Ms. Carmen Arguello for Barbados National Sensitization Workshop which took place December 7th 2015.

December 16 2015 | Funding

United States- Barbados Trade Relations

A trade brief on the Caribbean Basin Iniative and the two pieces of legislation which it encompasses; Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act (CBERA) and the Caribbean Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA).

August 26 2015 | Research

Empowering Women Through Trade and Entrepreneurship Workshop

"Bringing greater economic benefit to women through increased participation in entrepreneurship and export trade must be supported by the understanding of the role gender plays in defining the successes of females in business." ~ Shardae Boyce, Trade Consultant

Source: Advocate Business Monday

September 15 2014 | Presentations

38th COTED Press Release

Bridgetown, May 13th 2014

CARICOM officials met last week to discuss some issues of regional importance. One of the priorities for Barbados’ delegation was to converse with the region on St. Lucia’s decision to implement duties on beer and other products coming from Barbados and More Developed Countries (MDCS) of CARICOM. Trade consultant with the BPSTT, Shardae Boyce, stated that the discussions surrounding the decision granted to Less Developed Countries (LDCS) under Article 164 of the Treaty of Chaguaramas were very candid but respectful.

May 13 2014 | Articles

Competency Based Training Fund

The Inter American Development Bank (IDB) and the Government of Barbados are inviting Calls for Proposals for the Competency Based Training Fund (CBTF)

April 14 2014 | Funding

Trade in Focus Ezine Issue 6

The PSTT is pleased to present the sixth editition of our e-zine as part of our efforts to keep the communication lines open between the trade team and our stakeholders.

September 25 2013 | Newsletters

Building Private Sector Capacity to Increase Exports: Country Analysis

Under Component 3 'Building Capacity to Increase Exports in Selected Sectors' three European Union countries were examined and an analysis of each market was conducted. The  countries examined were France, Germany and the Netherlands. The consultant Ms.Lisa Callendar also provided a general study for the European Union.  Funding for this market research was provided by the Inter American Development Bank (IADB) Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF)

May 22 2013 | Research

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