Resources under Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)

Building Private Sector Capacity to Increase Exports: Country Analysis

Under Component 3 'Building Capacity to Increase Exports in Selected Sectors' three European Union countries were examined and an analysis of each market was conducted. The  countries examined were France, Germany and the Netherlands. The consultant Ms.Lisa Callendar also provided a general study for the European Union.  Funding for this market research was provided by the Inter American Development Bank (IADB) Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF)

May 22 2013 | Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)

The CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) in a Nutshell

 A presentation on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) under the theme "Breaking the Barriers Down- Welcoming the Brands of Barbados”. It was delivered by Dr. Chantal Ononaiwu, (Trade Policy and Legal Specialist of the Caricom Office of Trade Negotiations) to the manufacturing sector of Barbados. The presentation provided an overview of the EPA, placing special emphasis on issues relevant to manufacturers.


April 28 2012 | Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)

The Cultural Product

 A presentation on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) under the theme "Products and Services- Keeping the Scale Balanced. Delivered by Dr. Sandra Browne, Craft Development officer of the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) to the Manufacturers of Barbados, the presentation outlines the importance of cultural products to Barbados and provides manufacturers with useful information on how these products can be exported to the European Union using the Economic Partnership Agreement(EPA)

April 28 2012 | Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)

Trade In Focus Ezine Issue 2

The  Barbados Private Sector Trade Team (PSTT) is pleased to present to you the second edition of our revamped quarterly e-zine. This is part of our drive to keep the lines of communications open between the Trade Team and you, our stake holders. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to better serve you. 

April 27 2012 | Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)

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