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Your opportunity to access grant funding for business development.

Proposal Writing

Donor funds are open to receiving grant proposals or applications that align with their fund purpose. To get an idea of the breadth of support available, please take some time to browse our Donor Directory

If you feel as though your project fits with one of the donors, use the contact information provided for that donor to send your application form or proposal.

Manual for Writing Results Based Project Proposals

The Manual presents a generic, Results Based approach to project design and proposal writing

Its purpose is to assist private sector organisations to:

Some Reasons Why Proposals are Unsuccessful

Project Proposal Development

Use the resources of our Proposal Hub to initiate activities to assist your submission of proposals to funding agencies.

Step 1

Complete our generic in-house application form.  This application form is designed to outline your grant proposal.  (N.B. this in-house form is distinct from application forms of funding agencies).


Step 2

Submit the completed application form* for review by our “Review Committee” which will screen applications and where possible and we will give feedback for further development work to enhance proposals.

Submit completed applications* to:

Step 3

Use our feedback to develop your proposal for submission to the donor agency of your choice.

*Application forms submitted to the Review committee of the Barbados Private Sector Association does not constitute a proposal for submission. The Barbados Private Sector Association inclusive of the Barbados Private Sector Trade Team does not accept any liability for the writing, development or submission of application forms or proposals sent to our “Review Committee”.