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The EPA Made Easy

A guide for business owners, managers and workers to the CARIFORUM-European Union Economic Partnership Agreement

May 16 2012 | Research

Real Estate Services Under the Economic Partnership Agreement


For those engaged in providing Computer and Computer Related Services, the Barbados Private Sector Trade Team has provided a series of questions and answers designed to address many of the issues you may have regarding access to the EC for your business.

May 08 2012 | Research

International and Bilateral Trade Report 2012

This report provides an outlook for the global trade environment in 2012. It also highlights recent developments with respect to CSME, CARICOM- Canada Trade Negotions, the EPA and CARICOM- USA relations.

May 02 2012 | Research

The Treatment Of Select Fish & Crustacean Products Under The EPA

An examination of the treatment afforded fish and crustacean imported into Barbados from the European Union and the opportunities and challenges in the export of these goods to countries covered under the Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and CARIFORUM.

November 27 2011 | Research

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