The GEF Small Grants Programme

Funding/Assistance For Target Group / Eligibility Programme Dates

Community based projects addressing: Biodiversity, Climate Change, International Waters, Organic Pollutants, Land Degradation

  • NGOs, CBOs, civil society groups
  • Private sector entities with focus on defined community and humanitarian objectives


Funded/Executed by:
Funded by: United Nations Development Programme
Executed by: Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Examples of Funded Projects:
  • US$ 10,000 grant to install permanent mooring systems at popular dive sites on the south and west coast of Barbados in an effort to reduce the degree of anchor damage to coral reefs, seagrass beds and cultural marine resources such as ship wrecks
  • US$ 30,088 grant to promote sustainable and organic agriculture practices by developing a community composting programme within a World Heritage Site in St. Lucia
  • US$ 43,352 grant for sustainable agricultural technologies and processes (soil and water stewardship, biopesticide usage, weed and fertiliser management, minimisation of non-renewable energy consumption) to protect and enhance the environment. Training programmes to encourage young farmers to use the alternative technologies and practices
  • US$ 48,000 grant for a demonstration project in the Freetown community in Antigua for fishers and the urban poor including women and young people to establish a production facility where aquaculture and aquaponics will be undertaken producing organic fish and vegetables (lettuce; tomatoes; and plants) for the market
Implementing Agency Contact:
Giles Romulus
Sub-Regional Coordinator
GEF SGP (Barbados & The
UN House, Marine
Gardens, Hastings
Christ Church, Barbados
T: 246 467 6011